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Was there this afternoon around 4pm after rushing my project overnight till afternoon.
I’m first time been there so lepak around hopefully can meet some pretty gem for massage, but can’t find much.. maybe is peak hour during that period?

Remember other forums mentioned the Berlin MP at 2nd floor so go and try my luck… oh, only 1 gal is sitting in front, hmmm…. looks not bad, quite fair so decided to proceed with her.

Went to the curtain, and start the massage session… hmm… power enough eventhough quite petite size. She is quite talkative so chit chat with her during the massage session.

After the front body massage, then she ask quietly wanna “bak gen” (HJ lar) ma? yea lor, full of stress of work so have to upload lor…..

So HJ start, my hands also naughty to slide inside her shirt touching touching. Unbra her.. hmm… a bit disappointed. I’m a big boob lover and her for me a bit small and soft, but still Ok lar…… (I seriously hate those magic bra, cheater)

When almost reaching limit then request her to slow down abit, oh…. she asked “longer massage” (Didi) and obey my request.. 5 more minits only unload.. hohoho… hmm.. quite satisfy….

Name: Xiao Lan (small blue)
Nationality: PRC – Fu Zhou
Age: 21 (she told, and looks like)
Boobs: Small for me
Face: 7/10
Body: Petite, not too fat, not too slim
Massage: 9/10 Good, satisfied
GFE: 8/10 Keeps chit chat like best friend while massaging
Batin: 9/10 Good, obey to slow down and drag longer upon request
FK: Didn’t ask, too tired…
FJ: Date her out, cannot wor… no luck 🙁
WIR: She is not bad, but according to her, they are 17 gals working under same boss, hoho… shd try others first ma…..
Damage: massage 50, HJ 50

ps: according to her, there are 3 branches for B*****, but I only manage to found one (2nd floor, next to escalator). So could any bro:

1. guide me how to find the other 2 branches
2. recommend any best MP (pretty gals), I couldn’t find much
3. where is the shop selling the enhancement products? cannot find too.. sigh… Sat Pai…

GFE : Girl Friend feel
FJ: Fuck Job

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