My Second Field Report – One stone with 2 birds. – Kuala Lumpur (KL), Pudu, New Peng Hwa (NPH)

My Second Field Report – One stone with 2 birds.

Gunner – XXX Love_Warrior

Last saturday feeling boring and really horny, so decided to check out NPW. Reached there around 11pm, traffic really bad due to road work going on around that area, some streets are closed, couldn’t find parking, so decided to check out OS instead.

Reached there around 11.30pm, realised that there’s big wind blowing that day, so can only see ah peks and lots of hungry wolfs looming there, no PRC not even one Dino…really disappointed.

But nite is still young so quickly put my mind in warp speed search thru my memories and suddenly one place pop up – Vxnxs at Mxlxyx Hotel, thinking of trying out something different tonite NL, Bakso, popiah or maybe Tom Yam.

Reached there at midnite, park my car at the road side and walk toward the hotel. One OKT approach me and direct me to the door that lead to Vxnxs HC. First time there, so don’t know anyone.

One OKT serve me (didn’t ask his name), tell me the price for the package and what kind of stock they carried. Ask him to let me mirror all the WL there, seems like they’re playing it safe too, only keep a few WL at the premise at one time. So only have 2 bakso, 1 CKT and 1 Tomyam.

The OKT that served me really suck (obviously just started working there), ask him anything he also don’t know. So finally decided to try out the hot and spicy tomyam. Paid at the counter and the OKT showed me to the room.

A few minutes later the tomyam entered the room with a sweet smile on her face. When I speak to her in thai she really shock and excited. Give me a big hug and tell me that finally met someone who she can communicate and relate to.

She helped me out of my clothes and then strip naked herself. Quite a big boobs (36C) slightly saggy but still very nice and a very nice butt-round and firm. Her skin is smooth and quite fair for a tomyam. Moved to the shower and she cleans me up real good. After that proceed to the bed, she jump onto me and give me a huge FK, deep and wet (very good GFE). She started the catbath, then BBBJ…deep throat and good suction.

Capped me and start the cowgirl, reversed cowgirl, missionary, doggie and finally unload doing missionary. After that she asked me to lay faced down and gave me a nice massage. Then we took a shower and get dressed, but she’s in no hurry so we sat down on the bed and start TCSS. I found out that she’s working in a department store in bangkok and this is the second time here.

She have a short break (about 10 days) every 2 months working there and she took the opportunity to come here to make more money to send home to her parent living in chiangmai. Finally the phone rang signalling that the time’s up, so we exchange phone number and I left happily.

Name : Belle (Tom Yam – ChiangMai)
Age : didn’t ask around 25 I think
Body : 7/10 (very proportionate)
Boobs : 7/10 (36C)
Face : 8/10 (Sweet and cute)
Pussy : 8/10 (tight and juicy)
BBBJ : 8/10
FK : 8/10
GFE : 8/10
FJ : 8/10 (very accommodating and seems like she enjoyed it)
Overall : 8/10
damage : 158
WIR : yes

After leaving the place, feeling really hungry, so drove around trying to find something to eat and strangely enough I ended up at OS. Went in ordered my food and start enjoying a good supper. Finished my supper light up a cigarette and suprisingly saw a few PRC walking around. Check my watch and it’s almost 2am.

Obviously the wind has stopped and those PRC started to show up again. Spotted a few SYT but since the stocks are limited, once they showed up will be taken like hot cakes. Decided to head home but suddenly one MILF sat down beside me and start chatting. Telling me the wind start blowing since 2pm and she didn’t get any customer today.

Keep asking me to go to her room, after the supper feeling horny again so I agreed. Once in her room and she quickly strip naked and ask me to do the same. She has a very nice packaging(tight white singlet and short jeans make her look hot) but once she’s naked, her body is so so only.

Without shower she started catbath then CBJ for maybe 1 or 2 minutes, then started the cowgirl. Not even 2 minutes she said that she’s tired and asked me to take over the hard working…WTF. But too late to change anything, so decided to bonk her gau gau…missionary, side-way and doggie.

Since I already unload once so after 20 minutes of bonking she start to complain and I decided to ignore her and keep going for another 5 minutes before I unload again. She asked me if I want to take a shower and said she’s not taking hers, so I decided to fuck-it. Dressed up paid her and head home.

Name : Lili (PRC from ShanDong)
Age : mid 30 I think
Body : 7/10 (when dressed) 5/10 (naked)
Boobs : 36B (considered small for her size and saggy too)
Face : 6/10 (beautiful straight hair)
Pussy : 5/10 (use KY)
CBJ : 4/10
FK : yes
FJ : 5/10 (rushing)
Overall : 5/10
damage : 100
WIR : definitely no

Reached home at 3am, feeling slightly down after the disappointed second encounter, suddenly my phone rang. It’s Belle (the hot and spicy TomYam), telling me she’s having her supper and misses me that’s why she called. We had a nice chat for about 10 minutes and finally saying goodnite and ended our conversation.

That really made my day, too bad she’s going back in a few days time and I might have to wait for another 2 months before I can see her again. Hopefully I’ll manage to squeeze some time from my busy work and gather enough bullets in time to see her again before she leave.

BBBJ : Bare Back Blow Job (oral sex without condom)
GFE : Girl Friend feel
FJ: Fuck Job
CKT: char koay teow= chinese

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